The library is devoted to collecting and providing access to historical documents and academic works on Southeast Asia, it is also keen on responding to the changes in Southeast Asia and working together with researchers. For example, the CSEAS co-research program now has a special slot for document based on research and provides sufficient funding for acquisition of library materials related to proposed documents based research.


The library receives as foreign fellows based on CSEAS’s open and collaborative atmosphere. Over the past 20 years since 1986, many librarians from Southeast Asia and United States have spent 6 months at the library and not only pursued their academic research interest but also con-tributed to the development of the library in various ways. We are looking forward to working many others in the near future.

Visiting research fellow

Multi-cultural, multilingual services

The Library offers various supporting tools for the library users to understand different societies and cultures in Southeast Asian Countries.

Library Guide

We offer Library Guides in different languages of Southeast Asia, Chinese, Korean and English.
They are available at the library counter or on our website.

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Dictionaries and Reference Books

Our study room provides the latest versions of dictionaries and reference books on the Southeast Asian Languages. There are various encyclopedias and dictionaries published in Southeast Asian countries at our Reference Book section as well.

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Multilingual Service through Mobile Devices

We lent out iPad mini as the terminals to search OPAC. It facilitates even new learners of Southeast Asian languages to freely access related materials in our stack rooms, while walking with the tablet in one hand.

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