Special Collections

Over the years, CSEAS has also become an important repository of special collections which are introduced below.

Charas Collection

This is a personal collection donated to our library by Mr. Char-as Pikul, a former Thai government officer consisting of 9,000 volumes of monographs. The outstanding feature of this Collection is 4,000 cremation volumes Nagsue Ngan Sop. These are a unique form of publication in Thailand, usually published on the occasionof cremaon rites of an important fi gure. Cremation volumes not only include information on thede-ceased person,but also selected texts of various genres. These are considered the largest collection of suchvolumes outside Thailand.

Reference: Sivaraks, Marasri. Catalog of Thai cremation volumes in the Charas collection, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies Library, Kyoto University. Kyoto : Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University ,1989. Call No:IB||Th72||1989)

(Due to the bibliographic data imput,Some of the charas Collection Thai language materials are not available for circulation. )

Special collections can be searched in KULINE.

Foronda Collection

This personal collection of a famous historian, Dr. Marcelino Foronda, late professor of De La Salle University, Manila, consists of 7,000 volumes of monographs and various other materials on Philippine history. The materials include prayers and underground publications from the Marcos years.

Reference: A Filipiniana Bibliography, 1743-1982: A Classified Listing of Philippine Materials in the Marcelino A. and Cresencia R. Private Collection. Foronda. Manila: Philippine National Historical Society, 1981. (Call No:IB||Ph66||1743-1982)

Ocampo Collection

The collection of the popular Filipino historian and writer, Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (2002-present) and Chairman of the History Department, Ateneo de Manila University, consists of 1000 items namely: rare books (from the 17th century to the Post War period), periodicals including the Congressional Record, and ephemera including original Filipino sheet music from the early20th entury. A few of the items are not even in the collection of the National Library of the Philippines, thus making the collection an important research source for those interested in the political and cultural history of the Philippines.

Indonesia Islam Collection

Collection of recent Islamic publications in Indonesia which is approximately 2,000 volumes.

The content of our special collection varies from the translated classics of Islamic Studies, Political Ideology to the Introductory Books mostly for the public. Major books from dozens of publishers dealing Islam related books including those in the provincial towns, are arranged by different publishing companies.