About CSEAS Library

The CSEAS library has been a most essential foundation on in the promotion of research activities  in the field of South­east Asian studies. As the result of ongoing collection devel­opment focusing on academic publications on Southeast Asia, the library holds approximately 180,000 items and  as­sures access by both domestic and overseas patrons through its open access policy and reference services. The library has strong emphasis on the publications published in Southeast Asia and especially, for the Thailand and Indonesia, up to date book acquisitions are operated through The CSEAS over­seas liaison offices in Bangkok and Jakarta. In addition, the library also collects many archival materials from colonial period in Microfilm form.

While the library is devoted to collecting and providing access to historical documents and academic works on Southeast Asia, it is also keen on responding to the changes in Southeast Asia and working together with researchers. For example, the CSEAS co-research program now has a special slot for document based on research and provides sufficient funding for acquisition of library materials related to pro­posed  documents   based research. This open and collaborative atmosphere of the library is also created by the librarians that  the library receives as foreign fellows.  Over the past 20 years since 1986, many  librarians  from  Southeast  Asia and United States have spent 6 months at the library and not only pursued  their academic research  interest but also con­tributed to the development of the library in various ways. We are looking forward to working many others in the near future.


 Southeast Asian Vernacular Language Collection

The CSEAS Library holds materials published in various vernacular languages in Southeast Asia including publications in Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Tagalog. The CSEAS Library also has the following three special collections.

Please note that Thai language materials in the CSEAS Library can be searched in the CSEAS Thai Database by using Thai scripts.





 CSEAS Library Special Collections

Over the years, CSEAS has also become an important reposi­tory of special collections which are introduced below.

This is a personal collection donated to our library by  Mr. Char-as Pikul, a former Thai government officer consisting of 9,000 volumes of monographs. The outstanding feature of this Col­lection is 4,000 cremation volumes Nagsue Ngan Sop. These are a unique form of publication in Thailand, usually published on the occasionof cremaon rites of an important fi gure. Cremation volumes not only include information on thede­ceased person,but also selected texts of various genres. These are considered the largest collection of suchvolumes outside Thailand.

 Reference: Sivaraks, Marasri. Catalog of Thai cremation volumes in the Charas collection, the Center for   Southeast Asian  Studies  Library,   Kyoto University. Kyoto : Center for Southeast   Asian  Studies, Kyoto University ,1989. Call No:IB||Th72||1989)   

 (Due to the bibliographic data imput,Some of the charas Collection Thai language materials are not available for circulation.  )

Special collections can be searched in  KULINE.


This personal collection of a famous historian, Dr. Marcelino Foronda, late professor of De La Salle University,    Manila,consists of 7,000 volumes of monographs and various other materials on Philippine  history.The materials include prayers and underground publications from the Marcos years.

 Reference: A Filipiniana Bibliography, 1743-1982: A Classified Listing of Philippine   Materials in the Marcelino A.   and Cresencia R. Private Collection. Foronda. Manila: Philippine National Historical Society,   1981.  (Call No:IB||Ph66||1743-1982)

The collection of the popular Filipino historian and writer, Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, Chairman of the National  Historical Commission of the Philippines (2002-present) and Chairman of the History Department, Ateneo de  Manila  University, consists of 1000 items namely: rare books (from the 17th century to the Post War period),  periodicals including the Congressional Record, and ephemera including original Fili­pino sheet music from   the early20th entury.  A few of the items are not even in the collection of the National Library of the  Philippines,  thus making the collection  an important re­search source for those interested in the political and cultural history  of the Philippines.



Collection of recent Islamic publications in Indonesia which is approximately 2,000 volumes.


The periodical holdings at the CSEAS Library list 790 titles in languages in roman scripts; 392titles in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese; 44 titles in Thai; and 2 titles each in Burmese and Russian. Among the 790 titles in roman scripts, 361 titles were published in Southeast Asia, including 162 from Malaysia and Indonesia. Some of these are important titles that have ceased publication, such as Djawa,The Journal of the Burma Research Society,and The Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. The following bibliography lists part of the Library’s periodical holdings.


●  ABibliography of Journals from Southeast Asia in the CSEAS Library


In recent years, the Library has been acquiring important research materials in microform. These holdings include historical research tools such as the Cornell Wason-Echols Collection, the Dutch East India Company’s Mailrapporten, and the colonial Memorie Van Overgave for Indonesian studies, the British Colonial Office (CO) 273 series for Malaysian studies, and the United States Department of State microfiche collection on the Marcos years, 1964-86.


Serial statistical materials concentrating on countries of Southeast and East Asia. Additional efforts are made to collect as wide a range as possible of census statistics, sample surveys, and other irregular publications. These are mostly economic statistics dealing with national income, finance, money, trade, labor, population, etc., and particular emphasis is given to Indonesia. In addition to statistics issued by individual countries, about 20 titles published by international organizations such as the UN and its subordinate organizations, namely, IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc., are acquired by subscription.    Please refer to the Vietnam statistics  when you are searching for Statistics published in Vietnam.

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