Composition of Collections

Total Number of Books: 253,095 Items
In Western Languagues: 215,360 Items
In South & Southeast Asian Languages: 99,293 Items
In Japanese, Korean & Chinese Languages: 37,735 Items
(Last updated in March 2019)

Total Number of Periodicals: 6,928 Titles
In Western languages: 5,696 Titles
In Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages: 1,232 Titles


Category of Items

Items in Southeast Asian Languages

CSEAS Library holds more than 100,000 items written in Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese and other languages in Southeast Asia. Including vernaculars, our collection is consisted from more than forty languages. This is the largest collection for Southeast Asian Studies in Japan.


Please refer to the following list of CSEAS Burmese Books Collections.

Burmese books List (sorted by topic)

Burmese books List (sorted by title)


Our periodical collections, published from colonial period to present, deal with the fields of politics, economy, history and society in Southeast Asia and its neighboring region. Please refer to the list for checking our continuous-subscribing journals.

Micro Form Materials

Total Number: 1,466 Titles (731 for Reel Type, 735 for Fiche Type)
MF-Monograph: 6,391 Items
MF-Newspaper: 5,767 Items
MF-Periodical: 2,714 Items
MF-S: Statistics: 1,541 Items
Total Number of Items: 16,413
(Last updated in March 2019)

Please refer to the following list of CSEAS Micro Form Collections.

Micro Form Materials List


The library holds Statistics collection, mainly in the field of economics, compiled by state organizations in Southeast Asia as well as international organizations. Especially for Indonesian and Thai studies, the library collects regional and industry-classified Statistics.


Regarding newspapers, the library holds both original and microform collections. For further details, please refer to the following list for newspaper collections while using OPAC search engine. Please make a reservation for browsing items.

Newspapers List


MA and PhD theses submitted to Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies are in this holding. Please refer to the list for further information.

Electronics Materials (CD-ROM, DVD)

Digital items are viewed in the study room at 2F

Electronics Resources (Database, EJ, E-Book)

Our two databases are for the periodicals published in Southeast Asia (open access) and for e-journals and e-resources owned by Kyoto University.


Special Collections

The titles of our four special collections are Charas, Foronda, Ocampo and Ishii. The library is now collecting Islam-related items in Indonesia.


Area Studies Collections

The library also holds some items for area studies collected from outside Southeast Asia.