Our library has focused on satisfying scholars’ individual demands by collecting materials and resources in Southeast Asia and its surrounding regions. The library also joins in scholars’ activities including their research projects.

Library Collection Introduction

We have published a column “LIBRARY COLLECTION” in CSEAS (Center for Southeast Asian Studies) NEWSLETTER.

2014, No.69, Appraising the Significance of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies’ (CSEAS) Library Collection for Philippine Studies
 Suzuki Nobutaka(Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba)

2014, No.70, Appraising the Research Value of the Cambodian Official Gazettes
 Sasagawa Hideo(Associate Professor, College of Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)

2015, No.71, Portrait of a Dragon Lady in a Vietnamese Gazette
 Kitazawa Naohiro(Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University)

2015, No.72, Modern Islamic Book Collection in Indonesian Language
 Miichi Ken(Associate Professor, Iwate Prefectural University)

2016, No.74, In Memory of Pak Igarashi Tadataka (1945–2014)
 Azuma Yoshifumi(Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

2018, No.02, インドネシア、バリ島ブサキ寺院における大儀礼とヒンドゥーの歴史性
 Nagafuchi Yasuyuki(Emeritus Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

2018, No.02, フォロンダ・コレクション中のキリスト教およびスペイン語関係資料について
 Moriwaki Yuki(University of Tokyo Graduate School of Economics)

2019, No.77, The Grand Rituals at Besakih Temple in Bali and the Historical Moment of Hinduism in Indonesia
 Nagafuchi Yasuyuki(Emeritus Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

2019, No.77, Materials on Christianity and Spanish Documents in the Foronda Collection
 Moriwaki Yuki(University of Tokyo Graduate School of Economics)

2019, No.03, 故人の人生:日本におけるタイ研究の歴史的資料としてのチャラット・コレクション
 Pattarat Phantprasit(Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University)

2020, No.78, The Charas Collection Cremation Books as Sources for Thai History
 Pattarat Phantprasit(Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University)

2021, No.05, 華字紙資料から見る東南アジア
 Shibayama Gen(Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University)

Interactions with Domestic and International Libraries

Our library has several invitation programs which enables to strengthen its tie with both domestic and international research libraries. Among the programs, the Visiting Research Fellowship has a long history for inviting librarians from Southeast Asia which provides not only academic support for librarians, but also promotes interactions among libraries. In recent years, the library has been supported by JST Sakura Science Program which enables to provide short-term training program for librarians from Southeast Asia.

Visiting research fellow

JST Sakura Science Exchange Program

Collection Building

Our library builds collections in order to meet various scholars’ interests with applying the MEXT principle for sharing resources and accelerating joint research for Southeast Asian studies as well as Kyoto University’s principle for building library collections.

IPCR:“International Program of Southeast Asian Collaborative Research”

Southeast Asian Periodicals Database

“Southeast Asian Periodicals Database” provides information for the periodicals published in Southeast Asia owned by domestic libraries in Japan. As a developed version of this database, “Southeast Asian Periodicals Database: Three Countries in Indochina” maintains the resource information of local periodicals owned by the libraries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Southeast Asian Periodicals Database

Establishment of CSEAS Library Fund

“CSEAS Library Fund” was established within the Kyoto University Found in order to share the library, which is a historical building, and valuable historical materials of Southeast Asia for the future.

Information of CSEAS Library Fund

Please see the Kyoto University Fund project page below for information on how to make a donation.

Kyoto University Fund “CSEAS Library Fund” project page


Exhibition at Library Fair and Forum
Our library has introduced its activities including research projects by providing poster session at Library Fair and Forum.

Study Seminar for Multilingual Bibliography
Our library organizes study seminars for bibliography of Asian resources with other domestic libraries which concentrate on Asian studies.

Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival Open to the public of CSEAS Library(Former Kyoto Orimono Kabushiki Kaisha Head Office Office Building)
 ・Satursday, 4 November, 2023