Introduction of Ms. Min Min Htun

Here is the introduction of Ms. Min Min Htun.

During my three months (2019, October to December) at CSEAS, Kyoto University, I aim to identify the main literary information sources of monthly Myanmar magazines published between 1941 to 1961 with an emphasis on literature. Magazines are one of the most often accessed information resources by the general public. They usually include various literary forms and types of writings by numerous writers and cover a broad range of subjects. Most have generally dealt with issues relating to religion, culture, literature, arts, social science, economics, education, and sports, etc. For my research I aim to research a total of six magazines for analytical study through literary research and analysis. The results gained from the study will provide new knowledge on the position of magazines over fifty years ago in the world of Burmese literature.

I am happy and gratitude to have the opportunity to be a CSEAS visiting scholar. Hopefully, my research paper will be beneficial to those who are eager to understand the conditions and status of Myanmar magazines published over fifty years ago.