CSEAS Library collection

Size of the CSEAS Library collection (as of Mar. 2014)

Books 186,966 vols.
Western languages 157,804 vols.
Including South・Southeast Asian languages 72,167 vols.
Japanese languages (including Korean, Chinese) 29,162 vols.

Periodicals 4,899 titles.
Western languages 3,903 titles.
Japanese languages (including Korean, Chinese) 996 titles

Southeast Asian Vernacular Language Collection

The CSEAS Library holds materials published in various vernacular languages in Southeast Asia including publications in Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Tagalog. The CSEAS Library also has the following 4 special collections.



Our Newspaper collections are available both in original papers and in the form of microfilms. Please check on the OPAC search or the lists of our newspaper collection and micro material collection. The currently subscribed 6 papers can be viewed in the Newspaper Material Room (East Wing 108).

        ●Newspapers List


The periodical holdings at the CSEAS Library list 790 titles in languages in roman scripts; 392titles in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese; 44 titles in Thai; and 2 titles each in Burmese and Russian. Among the 790 titles in roman scripts, 361 titles were published in Southeast Asia, including 162 from Malaysia and Indonesia. Some of these are important titles that have ceased publication, such as Djawa,The Journal of the Burma Research Society,and The Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia.


        ● A Bibliography of Journals from Southeast Asia in the CSEAS Library

The list consists of our collections of periodicals issued in the Southeast Asian countries (only those in Roman letters). Information by different countries and themes are also available.


Serial statistical materials concentrating on countries of Southeast and East Asia. Additional efforts are made to collect as wide a range as possible of census statistics, sample surveys, and other irregular publications. These are mostly economic statistics dealing with national income, finance, money, trade, labor, population, etc., and particular emphasis is given to Indonesia. In addition to statistics issued by individual countries, about 20 titles published by international organizations such as the UN and its subordinate organizations, namely, IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc., are acquired by subscription.
Please refer to the when you are searching for Statistics published in Vietnam.

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Micro Form Materials

Please see Micro Form Materials List.
Micro Form Materials List All 1,466 titles (Reel type: 731 titles, Fiche type: 735 titles)
 MF-M: Monograph (6,391 items)
 MF-N: Newspaper (5,767 items)
 MF-P: Periodical (2,714 items)
 MF-S: Statistics (1,541 items)    All 16,413 items

        ●Micro Form Materials List